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Welcome to Rods&Cones, where we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions for communication, collaboration, and learning in the medical field. Whether you’re a surgeon who needs expert supervision during a critical procedure or an educator looking to demonstrate a standard surgical technique to medical students, our remote assistance service offers the software and hardware needed to provide remote OR access for all types of surgeries.

At the heart of our offering is our robust and highly secure remote communication platform, which offers a wide range of benefits, including:

Remote Expert

Unlimited calls & sessions

Unlimited one-to-many sessions

OR screen for remote expert feedback


24/5 personalised customer support

Digital learning platform


Data & analytics reporting feature

Our kits, a hardware solution for every use case:

Choose the kit that best suits your needs

RE UI 3,0 Open H Stack Kit Trauma Knee Desktop

Perfect for open surgery

This high tech, user-friendly set of equipment is ideal for open surgery procedures – allowing users to dial in supervisors and experts for as long as they need to.


Smart glasses

Video mirroring

panOR logo in blue


Charging case

RE UI 3,0 visOR tool tray Desktop

Seeing through your eyes

Need to quickly discuss something with another medical expert? Put on your R&C visOR smart glasses and share real-time video and images, all while communicating with the remote expert via chat or audio.


Smart glasses

Travel box

RE UI 3,0 MIS KIT Endo 2x2

Elevating Collaboration in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Get support on-demand from specialist surgeons: anywhere in the world. The MIS kit gives you everything you need to dial-in attending experts during minimally invasive surgeries.


Smart glasses

Video mirroring

panOR logo in blue


Charging case

RE IU 3.0 mirrOR Kit Endo Desktop

The future of preceptorship!

Enabling surgical teams to receive timely and effective guidance from experts during procedures, providing support and enhancing the quality of care through real-time communication and collaboration.


Video mirroring



Travel box

We’re with you at every step

1. Order fulfilment

With your order confirmed, we work with you to ensure it’s delivered to your exact specifications.

2. User Onboarding and Training

All necessary in-person and online training is provided, including fully automated step-by-step onboarding.​

3. Hospital Enrolment

Our support teams are dedicated to ensuring each hospital is enrolled as swiftly as possible and that all IT issues – such as connectivity and privacy – are handled. Our service is also fully GDPR and HIPPA compliant, meeting the highest industry standards.​

4. Helpdesk & Activation

Our teams of experts in Barcelona and Manila are always there when you need them.

5. Logistics

Need to exchange, repair, or upgrade a device? Our support teams can handle all of the logistics – keeping you informed every step of the way.

See what the surgeon sees, in real-time

Because more professional input is possible with a time-efficient, collaborative, on-demand digital solution, everybody benefits.
More patients can be treated anytime, anywhere.


Collaborate with front runners in your field, location is no longer an issue. You can log in from anywhere and contribute.


Share your knowledge by training other people. Giving you the confidence to get connected remotely while being by their side every step of the way.

Time & Cost effective

No need to rush to the hospital on an emergency. You can log in remotely from home and have the same view as standing in the OR giving support to the surgeon.

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