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This page is dedicated to our Rods&Cones community. Here you will find all the relevant links that you need to get started with our remote solution. Make sure to bookmark this page to have quick access to all the important information and links needed for the Rods&Cones experience.

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User Links

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Remote Expert Portal

Use the Remote Expert portal to login and participate in a remote assisting session.

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is only for community managers and customer admins. Use the admin portal to configure users and community/customer settings.

Support Portal

Use the support portal to browse our knowledge-base, raise requests and issues, book trainings or contact us via chat.

Companion App

The companion app helps you to connect to wifi, setup your devices, perform tests and access your address book.


The Rods&Cones monitOR allows any passive OR monitOR to be used to see the video feed and interactions and project the video feed of the smart glass.

iPhone App

Access a surgery live, transfer calls from your phone to your computer,  or check your webinOR calendar all while on-the-go.

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Featuring interactive training modules to help you level up your Rods&Cones product skills!

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