Who would benefit from using the Rods&Cones services

Surgeons operating while using smart glasses


From surgery assistance to remote proctoring; using Rods&Cones’ remote assistance services, healthcare professionals can demonstrate or attend live surgeries giving them a close up view without the need for a production team. Moreover, our pragmatic solution can be used across a wide range of medical services.

Rods&Cones has also been found beneficial in rural healthcare, by providing external expertise to help save more lives.


By providing their customers with remote access services for the OR, medical device reps can ‘see’ through the eyes of the surgeon, instrumentalist nurse, or any healthcare professional using the smartglasses.

Thanks to this powerful digital solution, they can continue to increase their service offering by working closely with hospitals in need of ongoing support before, during, and after surgical interventions.

Medtech rep with surgeon
Remote technology for field surgery

Field Surgery

Rods&Cones offers a compact solution to healthcare teams in areas where there’s a shortage of medical experts.

The remote assistance services provided by Rods&Cones are constructed to be valuable for the defense industry and NGOs as well.

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