Connect with specialist surgeons during minimally invasive surgery – using multiple video feeds

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For minimally invasive surgery, our MIS Kit offers you increased connectivity by providing your remote experts with a more complete view of the OR.

Securely share 2 mirrOR device feeds alongside a single visOR feed to give remote experts the clearest view possible of any procedure – whether that’s endoscopy, a cardiac monitor, x-ray, ultrasound, or a surgical robot; as well as the surgeon’s close up perspective. The remote expert screen can hold up to 6 different feeds.

The panOR device allows for a 360-degree view of the OR itself, providing more context to the remote audience and completing the view of the OR. Our GDPR and HIPAA compliant technology gives your remote experts a more detailed picture of the OR and the opportunity to share their expertise.

What’s included in the MIS Kit?

View of the smart glasses headcam
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Our signature smart glasses give remote experts the same view as the surgeon.

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Connect and broadcast different video feeds from the OR to remote experts – such as an endoscopy, laparoscopy, patient’s information, and more.

Side view image of the full panOR
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A webcam device enabling a 360-degree view of the OR.

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A convenient carry case that charges your Rods & Cones devices and keeps them safe.

Complete your kit with our add-ons:

Get your kit up and running anywhere your kit needs to be with our protective and transport-friendly case.

Need a backup in connectivity? Have your devices linked up to a 4G Network and forget about setting up Wifi and connectivity settings wherever your kit goes.

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See what your OR is MISsing

Remote collaboration

Experience seamless remote collaboration anytime, anywhere wit the R&C Remote Expert communication platform empowering you with:

Remote Expert

Unlimited calls & sessions

Unlimited one-to-many sessions

OR screen for remote expert feedback


24/5 personalised customer support

Digital learning platform


Data & analytics reporting feature


What Our Clients Say

dr usama hamdan pic

Dr. Usama Hamdan

FICS, Co-founder and President of the Global Smile Foundation - Westwood, Massachusetts, United States

“I was guiding one of my colleagues on the marking of the cleft lip revision. Because he’s a very well-established and experienced CF plastic surgeon, he was able to follow my guidance.”

dr bugra sezen pic

Dr. Bugra Sezen

Associate Professor - Yedikule Thoracic Surgery And Chest Diseases, Istanbul, Turkey

I like the visOR because we have the chance to take the operating sites outside the OR and the endoscopic system.”

dr david nellensteijn pic png

Dr. David Nellensteijn

Surgeon - St. Elizabeth Hospital, Curaçao

“I think Rods&Cones is a useful tool in the acute phases as a medium to get connected. With information going back and forth, we can improve performance during operations and therefore save lives.”

Dr. Sergio Salido

Dr. Sergio Salido

General and Digestive System Surgeon - Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Spain

“It’s an immersive experience. Our colleagues have been able to follow the surgery from their houses and other hospitals and have the same view as if it would be them doing the surgery.”

Dr. Jörg Zehetner

Dr. Jörg Zehetner

Professor of Surgery - Klinik Beau-Site Hirslanden Bern, Switzerland

“It’s a safe and effective tool to teach and guide during a case via the (smart) glasses by showing the important steps using voice, words, pictures, or by pointing on the screen. I used the technology remotely from my office. It enables off-site teaching and gives the feeling of being in the room with the surgeon.”

dr xavier berard png

Dr. Xavier Berard

Professor of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery - Hôpital Pellegrin, CHU de Bordeaux, France

“With (Rods&Cones), you have the possibility to record surgery, and stream it, if needed. It’s a powerful tool for education.”

dr erik de loos 1

Dr. Erik De Loos

Thoracic and Trauma Surgeon - Zuyderland Hospital, The Netherlands

“I broadcasted a uniportal VAT thoracic surgery with Rods&Cones, while an international audience observed all my movements. It’s a great tool for training purposes.”


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