Rods&Cones launch visOR kit at AAOS Congress 2023

A group of medical professionals using the Rods&Cones visOR kit for remote assistance during orthopaedic surgery at the AAOS Congress 2023.

The AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons) Congress is one of the largest in the world. This year there were over 20,000 attendees.  With over 650 exhibitors from the medical device sector, AAOS Congress 2023 was the perfect event for Rods&Cones to share its new visOR kit with industry representatives.

Orthopedics and Rods&Cones – a great fit

When it comes to the uptake of innovative technology, the field of orthopaedics is a front-runner. That’s partly

because so many specialities fall under its banner – including joint replacement, trauma, spinal injuries, hand and wrist, foot and ankle, not to mention sports medicine.

These specialities make extensive use of medical devices, such as robotics, and can therefore

 stand to benefit significantly from remote assistance technology – whether that’s bringing a more experienced colleague online to help guide a procedure or a MedTech rep to assist with operating a device. 

With the ability to connect digital feeds to the operating room (OR), Rods&Cones technology aligns extremely well with orthopaedic surgery. For that reason, AAOS Congress 2023, was a fantastic opportunity for both medical professionals – and MedTech reps – to get hands-on with our new portable visOR kit.


Why we launched the visOR kit in the US

Demand for our smart surgical glasses from existing customers (large, multinational healthcare brands) for use in 

the US market led us stateside in the early 2020s. Since then, we’ve been growing our relationships and footprint around the country.

In the US, Rod&Cones technology is being used to connect remote hospitals with their MedTech reps, who are not always present in the locality. Hospital staff use our kit to connect with their rep for direct product support. The secure remote assistance platform and smart glasses (with the surgeon’s eye view) are essential for making this happen.

All this is done with the help of a streamlined and highly portable visOR kit – a wearable that enables reps to see what medical professionals are seeing and communicate with them. Using the technology in this way opens up the rep support environment on-demand – potentially taking it outside the OR.


The power of portability and remote connectivity

Combine ‘anytime, anywhere’ connectivity with truly portable hardware – something that could easily fit inside a backpack – and new possibilities open up for a variety of use cases inside healthcare systems. 

The technology is beneficial in any scenario where a medical professional needs a second opinion or a specialist. For example, a nurse in an ICU who needs expert guidance for a patient with a complex wound or a locum who’s working in an area outside their expertise.

From staffing shortages to unevenly distributed medical knowledge, the visOR kit opens up access to remote experts, enabling them to be in more places at once – democratizing healthcare expertise. At the same time, having this portable kit embedded in healthcare settings means that on-demand peer-to-peer support is always available when it’s needed the most. 


The new visOR kit is an exciting addition to the Rods&Cones line-up, learn more about the visOR kit here.

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