Field Surgery

More revenue from remote technology for medtech

Optimize evacuation missions

Using remote assistance services, Defence Medical Services can minimize cost and maximize local patient care

Faster product introduction for medtech

Reduce the time of care delivery

By using our remote assistance services, doctors can help save lives instantly without the need for travel while also reducing the time to deliver care

Healthcare professionals education with remote technology

Scale expertise where needed

With our remote assistance services, local medical teams can maximize their medical force by connecting to expertise from around the world

Ship for medical treatments using remote technology

The Rods&Cones remote assistance services aim to make surgery accessible for everyone around the world. With millions of people around the world unable to have access to the right medical care, we took it upon ourselves to help.

Using Rods&Cones remote assistance platform, Medical Officers(MOs) can conduct consultations remotely from clinic rooms within a medical centre while the combat medical technicians (CMTs) are being observed conducting operations locally. This allows to increase local operations and minimize the costly need of evacuation. Furthermore, Rods&Cones is committed in delivering tailor made IT solutions which can best fit the needs of the local medical center.

The usage of Rods&Cones remote assistance platform also extends to NGO doctors that find themselves in complex and demanding locations where medical expertise is of dire need. With the increasing difficulties for NGOs to enter certain regions, Rods&Cones can help make your presence more available in high-risk places. Simply by using our technology and services, doctors can help save lives instantly without the need for travel – which is especially crucial for hospitals that are at understaffed or hard to reach.

The implementation of video telemedicine consultations is deemed to be safe, dependable, and cost-effective while also being accepted by physicians and patients, while exponentially increasing supervision and governance.

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