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The next step in the transformation and democratization of global healthcare, Expert Address Book brings a world of medical expertise within a few taps of your operating room (OR). 

Designed to work seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices, as well as our devices from our MIS and OPEN Kit, the Expert Address Book enables medical professionals anywhere on the planet to connect more simply, securely, and speedily, in order to share the best surgical knowledge where and when it’s needed the most.

For medical professionals around the world using our remote surgery assistance service solutions, Expert Address Book puts the world’s best medical experts on speed dial. Why be restricted by geographical boundaries? Now you can call on the expertise of the very best international surgeons in just a few taps.

Get instant access to the medical expertise you need, anywhere, anytime. 


Thriving in an ‘always on’ world

Although medical professionals will be acutely aware of the need to always be on call, in an increasingly digital world, this is becoming easier than ever – particularly when surgeons and MedTech reps don’t need to be in the exact physical location to work together. 

This is the thinking behind our new Rods&Cones companion app – which we’re confident will change how MedTech companies resource their specialists around the world. The Expert Address Book – which classifies experts by name, expertise (being domain, procedure, or product), availability, location, and language – is designed to help surgical teams access the right support faster, and from anywhere. 

However, in order to embrace new tools like this, MedTech companies will need to shift their staffing model to ensure someone is always available; which means adding expertise tags and other specialist attributes based on search parameters. So, what will doing this achieve? There are three core benefits:

  • Expedited access to specialists from anywhere, at any time.
  • A hybrid workforce model, empowering MedTech to control their schedules.
  • Operational, communication, and financial efficiencies.


5 simple steps to connect with an expert 

Technology shouldn’t add another layer of complication to an already complex procedure. If you need to call on the best medical expertise the world has to offer, without the need for them to scrub into the OR, access should be straightforward and take seconds. 

That’s why there are only five simple steps to connect your OR with an outside expert: 

  1. Access the Expert Address Book from any R&C mobile device, such as your panOR or mirrOR.
  2. Identify a profile of expertise based on relevant tags. 
  3. Scan the QR code with your visOR to call an expert with this profile of expertise.
  4. Let the hunting feature find an available expert anywhere in the world. 
  5. Begin the remote session to get a second pair of eyes in the OR.

If you already know some experts who could help, you can also search for the expert by name or pick an expert you know matches the expertise profile, check their availability (green dot), scan the QR code and the session will start.

Key benefits of the Expert Address Book

Rods&Cones products are developed in a cycle of continuous growth. We gather customer feedback as input for the creation of new offerings, ensuring that we provide medical professionals with the very best in remote surgical assistance technology. 

Expert Address Book brings the following core benefits:

  • 24/7 instant access to medical experts.
  • Worldwide coverage of expert availability. 
  • Expertise in tagging to streamline the search.
  • Video call center techniques to maximize reachability and efficient session routing. 
  • Multi-language support. 

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