At Medica 2021, Medtech Is Taking Centre Stage

medica with rods & cones

Medtech is a fascinating and invigorating industry. Today, more than ever, we’re seeing innovations emerging that optimize how medical professionals deliver care and improve their patients’ lifestyles. It’s a space that we’re inspired by every day, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

From 15-18 November, we’ll be sharing the stage at Medica 2021 with a number of peers driving innovation in the medtech space. As we get ready to attend, we’re excited to feature some of the groundbreaking technologies that will be present at the event. Take a look.

A Chance to Learn from Our Peers

The Medica trade fair is divided into various categories, featuring products and innovations that could change the face of medicine over the next few years.

For instance, when it comes to wearable technologies and smart textiles, there are companies working on integration capabilities that facilitate the sharing of important data. Others are building core body temperature monitors, digital platforms designed for optimising home care, and preventative technologies that identify critical issues like acute coronary artery disease. Many of these products can enhance how actively patients can monitor and address their own health concerns, while sharing important data with their medical practitioner.

Medical robotics is another area that’s full of innovative solutions. We’re looking forward to learning more about solutions that provide automated hospital waste collection, microrobots that facilitate target therapy, and disinfection robots that safely keep high-traffic rooms clean and safe. One provider is also re-introducing the concept of pneumatic tubes as a fast and safe way to deliver lab samples, blood bags, and drugs. This reminds us that sometimes we can look to the past to inspire solutions that make sense now.

When it comes to conducting minimal-invasive surgeries, there are an astounding amount of new solutions coming to market. Articulated arm robots, nerve monitors, and image quality testers are all designed to reduce the impact of a surgical procedure on the patient and minimize the time healthcare professionals spend on the procedure. In parallel other companies are also making vast improvements to the instruments used in these surgeries — such as syringes and valves — making them more precise and reliable. These instruments will also be on display at the trade fair.

Within the eHealth and telemedicine space, companies will be showcasing a variety of patient-forward technology solutions including chronic patient companioning platforms, fall detection sensors, and customised telemedicine kits. This category also has a wealth of products designed to optimise healthcare institutions. Bed management software, clinical archiving databases, and diagnostics as a service solutions are just some of what will be displayed at the trade fair.

We’re proud to present our own Rods&Cones remote collaboration service including the R&C visOR, R&C mirrOR, R&C panOR, R&C chargOR and R&C webinOR within this category as solutions designed for medical practitioners and medtech sales teams. Our service allows for digital proctoring, on-demand case support, and highly customized training and education sessions.

We can’t wait to share more information with our peers later this month.

We hope to see you there! Find us in Hall12 at booth 12B30!

For more information on the Medica 2021 event and the products we’re showcasing, get in touch.

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