A 360º view: New panOR device from Rods&Cones gives total view of Operating Room remotely

panor for 360º view surgical activity

Amsterdam, NL – Rods&Cones, a leading service supplier providing healthcare professionals with full remote access to the Operating Room (OR), has bolstered its service offering with the panOR solution.

The panOR is an extremely compact and flexible webcam device. It can be placed anywhere in the OR. When paired with the Rods&Cones smartphone app, it can broadcast a complete, 360 º, birds-eye-view view of the theatre to a remote audience.

Fully controlled by the remote user – in most cases a healthcare professional – the panOR can be placed in a fixed or loose position in the OR. It can also be programmed to rotate, follow specific movements, or show pre-set viewing angles.

“The panOR is so compact and easy to set-up,” explains Bruno Dheedene, CEO and Co-Founder of Rods&Cones.

“The OR is already a very high-pressure environment. Professionals need products that just work. Like our other solutions, panOR offers zero stress for the operator, while providing 100% control to the expert assisting remotely.”

To create the panOR, Rods&Cones partnered with Pivo, a leading AI-powered mobile video device manufacturer that extends the capturing capabilities of smartphones, webcams, and portable action cameras. This is the first time the company has ventured into the healthcare sector, but the result is highly unique: an easy-to-use and compact solution, providing a 4k view in real-time.

“Pivo has emerged as a reliable creator tech brand and platform to build industry solutions upon, especially in the knowledge transfer arena where today’s educators, advisors, and now surgeons are seeking superb video quality and speed in order to connect and engage with audiences worldwide,” says Ken Kim, CEO, and founder of Pivo.

“Bringing this approach to the medical environment is surely a game-changer which opens many new opportunities to improve healthcare.”

Together with Rods&Cones’ signature smart glasses – the visOR – and its mirrOR device; which enables users to Livestream surgical videos such as endoscopy feeds or x-rays; the panOR not only gives remote experts visibility across the entire OR, it provides them with an even better view than if they were there in person.

Visit rods-cones.com to find out how you can improve your business with remote access to the OR.

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