For the first time ever, a remote cardiology procedure was conducted using the Rods&Cones remote assistance service at the Vercelli Hospital

At the Turin CTO&CHIP event, 18 live heart interventions were performed, showcasing highly sophisticated techniques for complex, previously considered inoperable, cases.

Dr. Fabrizio Ugo, wearing our Smart Glasses, performed a complex angioplasty procedure, while Dr. Roberto Garbo remotely mentored the retrograde recanalization of a chronic coronary occlusion using our remote assistance service as well.

These glasses provide real-time magnified images of the operating field and allow simultaneous connection of multiple instruments, enabling remote mentoring by specialists from anywhere in the world.

This achievement demonstrates Sant’Andrea Hospital’s commitment to advancing in complex interventions and utilizing new technologies to ensure efficient and safe procedures.

Read the Vercelli24 article here.

Watch the Rai News video here.

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