A Remote Solution Tailored For The Surgical World

A Remote Solution Tailored For The Surgical World

The biggest problem surgeons have – and one of the most important aspects of their work – is that they’re essentially locked in a sterile environment.

Of course, they have room to maneuver, as well as the support of attending staff to pass them the correct instruments and assist where needed, but when it comes to the crunch, it’s surgeons vs. procedure.

It has to be this way. And with hospitals being much more stringent over who can be present in the Operating Room (OR) or Intensive Care Units (ICU) that’s not about to change anytime soon.

We have to accept that this is the reality of the surgical world, one where the patient’s needs have to be prioritized above all else. Keeping them safe means keeping non-essential staff out of the OR.

Breaking The Silence

However, at Rods&Cones, we don’t believe it should be this way. It’s not that surgeons aren’t capable – quite the opposite. But when it comes to queries about particular medtech devices – or insight from a particular expert in their field – surgeons need to be able to consult others: even if just for a brief moment; without major disruption to the environment they’re in, or the task at hand.

That’s exactly why we designed our Smart Surgery Assistance Glasses to complement surgeons’ realities. They can connect them to a phone that’s worn under their sterile scrubs, and instead of ‘making a call’ they can simply point their glasses at a particular QR code to instantly connect to a product expert or senior surgeon to ask questions.

More Control And Better Visibility For Surgeons

However, while the communication itself is controlled by the operating surgeon (without needing to touch their glasses), those attending remotely have complete technical control over what they see thanks to the glasses’ built-in camera and zoom functionality. They can see everything the surgeon sees and more – without having to disrupt their work.

In this respect, the glasses provide even greater visibility than if the attending surgeons and device experts were within the OR itself. Often incisions are so small and with operating surgeons working between their hands, visibility can be limited. In fact, given this fact, the glasses provide an improved experience.

Ultimately, we designed our Smart Surgery Assistance Glasses for one market only. They’re specifically engineered to work in the surgical environment. That’s been our aim since the very start.

However, we’ve also been careful to ensure that the transfer of data remains secure – that it’s encrypted and both Hipaa- and GDPR-compliant to protect patient security and to ensure that no inadvertent breaches can be made. In all respects, we’ve sought to go above and beyond the standard protocols to meet the very specific requirements of the medical industry. And, in times like these, when there are so much uncertainty and change around healthcare, being able to rely on equipment providers should be the least of all concerns.

At Rods&Cones we aim to help and support as many people as we can, so if you have an immediate need for our Smart Surgery Glasses, please contact us at info@rods-cones.com.

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