Whitepaper: A Lens Into the Future of Medtech

A Lens Into the Future of Medtech

Over the past several months, every industry has speculated, projected, anticipated, and measured its own expedited digital transformation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare is no exception. COVID-19 has highlighted inefficiencies, forced adjustments, inspired critical assessments, and altered perspectives.

Smart surgical glasses were being developed and used by healthcare professionals long before the pandemic. However, like all tech organizations, Rods&Cones is optimistic that the shifted course of technology resulting from the pandemic will be upheld long after vaccines have been rolled out.

In this new whitepaper, A Lens into the Future of Medtech, we explore the role smart surgical glasses have played in the healthcare industry’s rapid evolution over the past 18 months. With inspiring stories from doctors in the field who – thanks to Rods&Cones technology – have been able to achieve patient outcomes otherwise unthinkable during a global pandemic, we dive into exactly what the healthcare sector stands to gain from digital transformation – such as systems for improved escalation and opportunities for optimised efficiency.

From device manufacturers to OR doctors; from professors to students, these are benefits that touch every player in the space and that no one will be willing to sacrifice in a post-pandemic world.

That said, no matter how strong the arguments for tech adoption, there’s still some resistance from some that the sector as a whole will need to overcome. Heightened sensitivity around data, new ethical debates about privacy, and new models for human resource allocation are just a few of the many hurdles the healthcare industry will need to overcome in order to undergo an effective transformation.

What unique challenges does the healthcare industry face? What foundational items need to be addressed for digital transformation to be successful? What’s the best way forward?

Download a copy of A Lens Into the Future of Medtech to explore the benefits, opportunities, and obstacles our industry faces right now.

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