The Future Of Preceptorship– Introducing The Rods&Cones mirrOR KIT

The mirrOR KIT - A compact hardware kit designed by Rod&Cones for secure remote communication in medical environments. The kit, which fits inside a backpack, enables instant remote connection, allowing medical experts to virtually scrub-in to procedures from anywhere.

Amsterdam, NL – A new hardware kit from Rod&Cones – the secure remote communication platform for medical environments – is set to provide a compact and scalable remote solution for both MedTech support and preceptorships. 

The innovative mirrOR KIT supports any video-based MedTech device and allows for instant remote connection thanks to its portable and highly intuitive design. Secure live video, audio, and visual communication channels enable MedTech reps, senior surgeons, and medical professors to be at the side of frontline staff – from anywhere outside the OR in just a matter of minutes.

“We’re listening to our customers and the mirrOR kit is a result of working closely with them and understanding their needs. When a video feed contains all a remote viewer needs to give instant advice, this highly scalable solution offers an instant remote connection between the OR and external experts,” says Bruno Dheedene, CEO and Co-Founder of Rods&Cones.

Inside the compact mirrOR KIT – which easily fits inside a backpack for use on the go – are all the devices needed for a secure remote connection. Designed to be portable, quick, and hassle-free, the components work seamlessly together to allow a remote medical expert to virtually scrub into a procedure, any time, from anywhere, and receive the same view as medical staff on the monitor in the OR. 

“Outside the OR, a remote expert can see and annotate a procedure on screen whilst using audio or chat to communicate via Rods Cones’ Remote Expert Interface. Inside the OR, the entire team can view the expert’s annotation and messages through any screen in the OR and talk via the Rods&Cones Bluetooth speaker.”

MedTech companies globally are already seeing the immense value these mirrOR KIT can add to their current service as they start using these kits during the early stages of product deployment. MedTech reps can use the mirrOR KIT to be at their customer’s side in minutes – without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel, thus extending their customer support, particularly in the crucial phase of early adoption. At the same time, senior surgeons located outside the OR can use it to provide guidance to a colleague and the entire OR team during a live procedure, making preceptorships easier and more efficient than ever before.

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