The Rods&Cones Team

Meet the team

Hello! We’re Rods&Cones. A team of entrepreneurs and innovators committed to empowering surgeons, medical device specialists, and other experts to work together – remotely.

Bruno Dheedene

Founding Partner & CEO
Worked in the medical devices sales for nearly 20 years
Dedicated to changing the way the medical industry communicates

Jan Dheedene

Founding Partner & CGO

A seasoned technology entrepreneur, mentor, and fundraiser
Loves technology and was once a writer.

Bert Puelings


Seasoned service design architect who oversees all operational efforts – including supply chain, customer experience, IT, and quality control. Has been instrumental in setting up Rods&Cones’ global customer service centers.

Benoit Quirynen


Digital era advocate, making quick wins possible with agile strategy, backed up by 25 years in telecoms and adjacent sectors.

Jorrit Kooi


With over 15 years of experience in finance and working with scale ups, our CFO is an expert in scalability and passionate about innovation.

Scott Solis

Managing Director USA & Canada

20 years in the Medical Device industry leading in Commercial, Marketing, and Education activities. Passionate about people and new technologies.

Luc Hennen

Commercial Director

A med-tech sales leader, with 17 years in the industry and some of the biggest names in pharma on his CV.

Inés Pérez Roggero

Marketing Director

Barcelona-based, with 20 years experience in marketing and commercial operations, passionate about using digital marketing to engage communities

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