Rods&Cones + Pixee Medical: Pioneering Innovation for Orthopedic Procedures

Pixee & Rods&Cones

Rods&Cones is proud to announce that its remote access service is compatible with the Pixee Knee+ augmented reality solution for total knee arthroplasty. Rods&Cones offers a remote assistance and collaboration service for medical environments. Based on cutting-edge technology, it allows medical experts to work together while being remote. On the other hand, Pixee’s Knee+ is used during total knee arthroplasty procedures and it offers orthopedic surgeons intraoperative assistance for the implant positioning with the help of augmented reality smart glasses. The compatibility  of the two solutions allows surgeons to use augmented reality during total knee arthroplasty surgeries, while also connecting remotely with other medical experts around the world. Working together, Rods&Cones and Pixee are revolutionizing the healthcare industry together while offering better patient care globally. 

“At Rods&Cones we believe in continuous innovation and implementing new technologies in the healthcare industries. Being able to use Pixee’s Knee+ solution, our clients can add augmented reality to their Rods&Cones experience.” Explained Bruno Dheedene, Founding Partner and CEO of Rods&Cones.

“The integration of Rods&Cones system with Pixee’s software is a great step forward for innovation in orthopedic surgery. Whether it is used to demonstrate an operation to a group of medical experts or to get instructions from our technical support on how to complete one, the Rods&Cones compatibility with Pixee’s Knee+ provides extra advantage for the surgeons and our distributors. It will reinforce our business scalability” Remarked Sébastien Henry, Founder and General Manager of Pixee Medical.  

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