Rods&Cones Celebrates Milestone with the Onboarding of 100th Company, Committed to Providing Surgical Access to 1 Million People Globally

AMSTERDAM, NL – JULY 9, 2024 – Rods&Cones, the global leader in remote surgical collaboration, proudly announces the onboarding of the 100th company to its remote surgical network. This significant milestone marks a major step toward the company’s strategic objective of providing surgical access to 1 million people globally by 2027.

“We are thrilled to welcome our 100th partner to the Rods&Cones network,” said Bruno Dheedene, CEO of Rods & Cones. “This milestone is not just a reflection of our innovative solutions but also of the collective commitment of our partners in advancing surgical care. Together, we are building an infrastructure that will extend the reach of remote surgical solutions to over 10,000 medical centers and hospitals worldwide by 2027.”

Rods&Cones is dedicated to revolutionizing the surgical landscape by enabling seamless collaboration between medical professionals, regardless of their geographic location. By integrating cutting-edge telepresence technology, the Rods&Cones platform enables real-time interaction and support during surgical procedures. This enhances the quality and accessibility of surgical care globally while accelerating the transfer of surgical knowledge at an unprecedented pace. Today, we are present in 107 countries.

“With only a small percentage of the global population currently having access to surgical healthcare, our mission is more critical than ever,” Dheedene continued. “Our new strategic objectives aim to increase access rates significantly, focusing on underserved populations, potentially doubling the current figures. This leap forward will bring essential surgical services  and knowledge to underserved populations in Africa, Asia, and South America, improving health outcomes on a global scale.”

Rods&Cones is inviting stakeholders across the medical ecosystem, including NGOs, medical centers, government institutions, and MedTech companies, to join and accelerate this transformative journey. “We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of surgical care,” Dheedene emphasized. “Collaborating with diverse partners is crucial to achieving our goal of equitable surgical access for all.”

The Rods&Cones technology not only enhances the surgical experience but also significantly reduces travel needs for medical professionals, saving valuable time and resources. On average, each session facilitated through our platform leads to the avoidance of 1000km of travel, contributing to substantial CO2 reduction. This environmental benefit is a key component of our commitment to sustainable healthcare solutions.

The consistent hardware footprint of the platform ensures reliable, high-quality interaction and support, which is critical for the success of remote surgeries. The imperative drive is to offer a plug-and-play product suitable for the high-paced, high-stress surgical environment.

About Rods&Cones: Founded in 2020, Rods&Cones is at the forefront of remote surgical solutions, enabling healthcare providers and MedTech companies to collaborate more efficiently and effectively. By placing a robust, mobile platform with integrated software into operating rooms, Rods&Cones ensures real-time visual and auditory connectivity, serving as a hub for seamless collaboration between surgical stakeholders. With a vision to leverage technological expertise to advance the medical industry, Rods&Cones is dedicated to improving patient care.

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