Rods&Cones 3.0: Elevating Medical Collaboration with Seamless Plug-and-Play Ease

Rods&Cones 3.0: Elevating Medical Collaboration with Seamless Plug-and-Play Ease

We sat down with Bruno Dheedene, CEO and Co-founder of Rods&Cones, to discuss in-depth the recent 3.0 product update. This pivotal release signifies a defining moment in the company’s trajectory, reflecting its continuous growth and adaptation. 


 With the launch of Rods&Cones’ 3.0 release, can you share why this update is viewed as a pivotal moment for the company? 

 BD: Absolutely. This release is a culmination of our consistent dedication to deeply understand the needs and practices of surgeons and industry experts. Given that our platform is utilized in over 90 countries, across more than 1500 medical centers, with over 50,000 real-case sessions registered, we’ve gained invaluable insights. These insights have played a crucial role shaping the 3,0 release. We’ve centered our efforts on closely watching and learning from the day-to-day use of our products in the OR and in remote settings. Our aim? To simplify the user experience to such extend that almost no interaction is needed. We want our design to be so straightforward that anyone can just pick up one of our Kits, switch on the devices, and connect without hesitation. 


Could you dive a bit deeper into the specifics of the enhancements, especially the new interface design? 

 BD: At the core of our enhancements, particularly with the new interface design, is an underlying principle: the surgical act must always remain the main focus. Our end users and customers have conveyed a clear message—they don’t want a remote solution that could distract from this vital procedure. When a surgeon wishes to engage with a device expert or guide another surgeon through a process, that interaction needs to be as seamless and even more intuitive than if the audience was physically present in the room. Our design refinements prioritize this fluidity, ensuring that communication is effortless and that the primary focus—the surgery—remains uninterrupted and at the forefront. 


Pic above: Optimized interface of the Rods&Cones’s Remote Expert Portal

Beyond the interface, how have the devices in the kit been improved to enhance accessibility and user-friendliness. Can you talk about that? 

 BD: Following the same goal, which is to make medical collaborations seamless, we have added new functionalities to our devices to make it even easier for our users to start a remote session. When we began, users initiated a session using a visOR by scanning a QR code – an effective method in sterile environments. However, we wanted to offer more flexibility. Now, with any Rods&Cones device – be it the mirrOR, panOR, or visOR initiating a call is just clicks away on your R&C phone. 


Pic above: Establishing a remote session is a click away from any R&C device via the mobile phone App.

With collaborations with major Medtech Companies, how do these partnerships influence your product development? 

 BD Our partnerships with leading Medtech Companies have always been symbiotic. They’re on the frontline, working closely with medical professionals, and their feedback is invaluable. We’ve always prioritized listening to their needs, ensuring that our solutions align well with the real-world demands of the medical field. It’s also essential to recognize that the industry, at its core, has limited resources. Our role is to amplify the potential of these resources, enabling them to impact more surgeries than ever before, thus maximizing the reach and efficiency of every medical procedure. 

Furthermore, the Milkmen Study’ by the Boston Consulting Group echoes similar sentiments. The study suggests that Medtech companies need to reassess their commercial models to remain competitive. It emphasizes that integrating remote technologies is fundamental in this transformation. I fully recognize the hurdles these companies face, and it’s clear that adapting to evolving models is crucial for future growth. We’re here to be a part of that journey, ensuring that technology acts as a powerful ally during this transition. 



The post-pandemic world has seen an intensified race among companies to enhance profitability. With the accelerated adoption of remote solutions during COVID-19, how does your latest release position Rods&Cones in this competitive landscape? 

 BD: The pandemic undoubtedly reshaped various industries, with healthcare at the forefront. In this landscape, remote solutions have transitioned from being a mere convenience to an absolute necessity. Today, we pride ourselves on being the leading remote service supplier in the healthcare domain, standing out with our unique compact and portable solutions. Our 3.0 release, which boasts enhanced software capabilities, together with the diverse range of hardware kits we’ve pioneered, ensures that we cater to every conceivable use case
As an example, in the area of Training and Education we have garnered significant traction, not only paving the way for the future but, crucially, validating the business case by delivering immediate ROI.  

Beyond that, our solutions are also making waves in diverse areas, from case support, remote proctoring, and preceptorships to enabling the remote control of diagnostic equipment. In essence, our latest release is more than just an adaptation to post-pandemic needs; it underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled business value as we lead the evolution of remote healthcare solutions. 

Pic above: Rods&Cones portable Kits designed to cater every use case.


Lastly, with the 3.0 release out now, where do you see Rods&Cones heading in the near future? 

 BD The future is bright. We’ll continue to innovate, listen to our users, and adapt. This release is a milestone, but it’s just one of many as we continue our journey to revolutionize medical collaborations. 





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