Rods&Cones: Outlook 2021 & Beyond

Rods&Cones_ Outlook 2021 & Beyond

Like everyone else, at Rods&Cones we’re hopeful that the battle against COVID will be won this year.

However long it takes we remain committed to helping healthcare professionals deliver better patient outcomes – anytime, anywhere.

Rods&Cones’ goal is to help new and existing customers achieve more and provide a better experience for themselves, their colleagues, customers, and of course, patients.

Scaling Up

In short, we’ve moved from being a startup to a scale-up. One of the biggest surprises for us last year was the level of demand we saw – and the efforts we found ourselves putting in to meet it!

We sold ten times more smart glasses than expected in 2020 – with interest from right across the world. This meant that we surpassed our projected forecasts considerably. While we were able to meet demand, it meant that the team was at full capacity.

As a result, we’re now expanding the core team and increasing our support services. We are currently putting together a customer experience team – to provide first and second line support to all of our end users. They will be on hand to provide product usage advice and best practice assistance around the clock.

Additional Functionality

Alongside our new customer-focused team, we’re also going to be rolling out an additional, complementary piece of hardware to enhance our smart glasses core capabilities.

While the central functionality – getting the OR surgeon’s point of view remotely – works very well indeed, as new use cases began to evolve (partly due to wider use during the pandemic) it became clear that there was scope to add other visual inputs.

Using our latest technology, the MirrOR , users can now connect any external image source to the smart glasses feed. For example, say a surgeon wants to provide a better view of a procedure, It’s now possible for them to livestream the feed from, say, an endoscopic camera.

Rods&Cones 2021: A Broader Set Of Visuals

Similarly, using the same set up, the user can display any other nearby image source – such as an x-ray or ultrasound. They simply ensure that a QR code is generated using the MirrOR, and by looking at the code using the smart glasses, they can add each new feed to the viewer’s feed.

Plus, once an input is added, the remote viewer can easily toggle between the different feeds using the Rods&Cones platform. While the MirrOR is new, it’s up, running, and ready to go. We’ll be rolling it out more widely later this year. All in all, we remain just as committed to innovation as we do to growth. We continue to work hard to perfect a pragmatic solution that’s quickly gained significant ground.

With that in mind, we’re looking to can gain an edge – not just in the European market, but the global one too. 

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