To get the best from any new technology, it’s essential to do the training. However, there’s not always time – especially when you’re a busy, frontline, healthcare worker. 

That’s why, to support medical professionals sharing surgical expertise and best practice through Rods&Cones technology, we’ve developed an e-learning solution that fits around your schedule. 

Rods&Cones’ Training And Education Manager, Coen Smiers, explains what it is, how it works, and the educational benefits of trainOR.

What is trainOR?

trainOR is an interactive e-learning package available to Rods&Cones customers to complement training from the Rods&Cones Customer Experience Center. With courses tailored to your specific Rods&Cones devices and kit, our online training academy provides a variety of interactive activities – designed to help you get the most from our remote assistance technology. trainOR is a one-stop-shop for all your training needs, including product guides, and e-learning modules.

Our exciting new e-learning platform adds a flexible and valuable layer of skills and learning to your existing knowledge base. Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro, trainOR helps you to develop the right skills for making the most of Rods&Cones technology flexibly. Thanks to the support of our dedicated Customer Experience Center at Rods&Cones, along with the e-learning from trainOR, a personal training session with our CEC is always possible.

How does it work?

trainOR is easy to access using your existing Rods&Cones account. It’s available 24/7 – so it’s there when you need it, or whenever you get a moment to refresh your skills. Once you’ve signed in, simply select the device or kit you’d like to train on, and away you go. 

Our online training academy offers a variety of guided learning experiences, and quizzes, reflecting real-world use cases and implementing active learning strategies. It’s designed for you to complete each activity before moving on to the next – so no skipping! Plus, it’s easy to save and track your progress. trainOR also provides certification when training modules have been completed. 

Why is it beneficial? 

From hardware setup to connectivity and best practices, trainOR is an excellent way for new users to kickstart their skills development before using Rods&Cones products in the OR for the first time. And with its tracking and certification options, trainOR enables you to monitor progress for yourself and your team.

trainOR is browser-based, so it’s designed to be used across various browser-enabled devices, from laptops to tablets. Whether you’re commuting or taking a break between surgeries, this makes it easy to complete training on the fly. If you need more detailed guidance, it also gives you access to product manuals, and guides.   

Next steps 

Like education, trainOR is always evolving. 

Currently, there are multiple courses, each one tailored to a different device or kit. As more products and kits become available, our library of courses will expand. 

In the future, trainOR will also offer more advanced courses and focus on other aspects of Rods&Cones technology, including connectivity, webinar hosting, and device management. 

And with our Customer Experience Centers providing support in 8 languages, multi-language support is something we’re looking at closely. 

Already a Rods&Cones customer? Get started with trainOR.

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