Easing the Credentialing Burden: How Rods&Cones Transforms Medical Device Reps’ OR Access

In the demanding realm of medical device sales, representatives are often entangled in the complex web of credentialing, which poses a significant hurdle. The need for a constant physical presence in operating rooms (ORs) coupled with arduous administrative processes has long been a source of inefficiency. However, Rods&Cones (R&C), a pioneer in remote technology for the OR, is introducing an innovative solution that promises to revolutionize this aspect of the medical device industry.

The Rods&Cones Advantage: Efficiency and Empowerment

Quick and Easy Setup


R&C’s technology stands out with its quick setup, operational in just a few minutes. This marks a significant shift from the traditional, prolonged credentialing processes, providing reps with a vital boost in efficiency.

Enhanced Productivity

Device reps using R&C experience a substantial increase in their productivity, with effectiveness improving by 3-5 times*. This change allows reps to spend more time engaging with healthcare professionals and less on administrative tasks.

Remote Accessibility


One of the most transformative features of R&C is its remote access capability to the OR. This diminishes the need for physical access, thereby cutting down on the time and effort required for credentialing and reducing travel demands.

Overcoming Credentialing Obstacles

Medical device reps frequently face challenges such as high fees, repetitive paperwork, and data security issues. R&C confronts these challenges by reducing the need for physical OR presence, thereby diminishing the impact of these credentialing hurdles.

Leading the Way in Medical Technology

Rods&Cones is more than a technological innovation; it’s a beacon of change for a more efficient, equitable approach to medical device sales. It envisions a future where reps can focus on their primary goal of delivering advanced medical solutions, without being slowed down by unnecessary paperwork or complicated rules.
Leading Medtech companies have already placed their trust in R&C, with over 50,000 sessions conducted in more than 100 countries. This makes R&C the foremost telepresence supplier in ORs globally, a testament to its effectiveness and reliability. Interested in how Medtech companies are enhancing efficiency with remote technology? Book a free demo with us and discover why leading Medtech companies are choosing Rods&Cones as their partner in revolutionizing OR operations.



Rods&Cones Remote Expert’s view on Desktop with compact and portable Open KIT.

*The Rise of the Next Generation of Medtech “Milkmen”, Boston Consulting Group 2021

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