Throughout the Information Age, technology has improved every industry – including healthcare. These improvements have expedited and multiplied as more organizations realize the full benefits of a digital-first structure.

But healthcare still maintains the biggest gap to close and while – right now, at least – a remote-first system isn’t the norm, we see these challenges as opportunities here at Rods&Cones.

Heightened safety protocols and support

In a remote-first OR, the primary surgeon is never without support. Given the opportunity to have stakeholders from the medtech provider team, expert implementation specialists, as well as leading surgical guidance as needed, decreases basic operating room risk and provides thorough care to the patient and the physician team.

When professionals in other industries are working to diffuse the intensity around a work topic, they often quip, “We aren’t performing heart surgery.” In this case, we often are(!). Gaining access to real-time escalation is unfeasible without a remote-first structure.

Improved overall quality of care

This leads to another major benefit of a remote-first operating room: better patient care – regardless of distance. If we keep the patients’ best interests and health at the centre of our decision – and provide the same level of care anytime, anywhere – it’s clear that the opportunity to advance procedures and improve upon existing care standards should be a key factor in the shift to a remote-first model.

Not only does this heighten safety mid-procedure, but it also opens up previously inaccessible learning opportunities. With real-time and post-op feedback access, physicians can continue learning and developing on the job. And with a literal lens into the operating room, students can gain insight into the details of a given procedure far more effectively than learning from a textbook.

Change will always feel daunting, and concern about keeping patients safe should remain at the forefront of all healthcare decisions. But the benefits of a remote-first operating room are proven – and ultimately benefit the patient most.

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