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Rods&Cones presents the most compact remote collaboration service for the Operating Room in a single charging case.

Rods&Cones, a leading service supplier providing healthcare professionals with full remote access to the Operating Room (OR), announces the launch of the chargOR – a portable case designed to store and charge the devices that surgeons need to perform successful remote training, remote proctoring, and remote collaboration during surgery.

The chargOR is the most compact surgical equipment charging, storage, and transportation solution available on the market. The case – specifically designed for Rods&Cones’ devices – features a durable outer shell that protects each piece of hardware from damage.

Able to charge all hardware simultaneously, it ensures that each device is always ready for use in a matter of seconds. The chargOR is easy to transport, lightweight, and lockable –keeping devices safe and ready for the next surgery. Jan Dheedene, COO of Rods&Cones, explains more:

“With chargOR, healthcare professionals no longer need to organize devices and accessories – or be concerned about battery life. “We are obsessively focused on keeping our solution compact and easy to use. As Operating Rooms are already full of all kinds of devices there is little room for more hardware. Our aim is to provide as much flexibility to our customers as possible – preventing them from needing to be physically attached to a place.

“We’re constantly looking into new ways to improve our service and the chargOR is the result of deep engagement with healthcare providers using Rods&Cones devices who expressed the need to have a portable solution.”

chargOR is another big step forward for Rods&Cones; which is rapidly growing in line with the healthcare sector’s need for even more cutting-edge innovations.

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