A Vision Of The MedTech Future

A Vision Of The MedTech Future
Surgeons are a rare breed: even among doctors. Their ability to keep a calm head in literal life or death situations is what sets them apart. But they’re also reliant on a broader team of experts and assisting doctors to help them get the best possible patient outcomes.
It’s the same where medical teaching and proctoring are concerned. Surgeons learn by observing and by doing. That’s why having as much surgical support, guidance and expertise in real-time is essential in any modern day operating theatre. But those attending surgeries can’t be everywhere at once – meaning their ability to be present is limited to where they can be physically. But thanks to technical advancements in the remote surgery space – that’s changing. In fact, arguably innovations like our R&C mirrOR give them an even better viewpoint of surgeries – as surgeons can also connect different video feeds into their live feeds.

A Game Changer For The OR

Here at Rods&Cones, we’re continually innovating our products to help surgeons, medical professionals, and device specialists communicate effectively during surgery. Gone are the days when a production team physically had to switch the remote viewpoints of live surgery to another monitor (such as a live X-ray). With our latest innovation, aptly named R&C mirrOR, we now allow users to connect to any external image source through a surgeon’s smart glasses feed – using a QR code which is placed on that external image source. With mirrOR, OR-based professionals can display a range of additional sources – giving those viewing remotely an even clearer, more complete picture of each surgery. All surgeons have to do is look at the R&C mirrOR connected to a video source with their smart glasses and bingo! The viewpoint of the external device is added to the live feed of the smart glasses.

All Under One Smart Roof

We want to connect medical professionals globally: to ensure everyone has access to the best medical skills, expertise, and advice – no matter where they are. That’s why, unlike any other vendor in the market, we offer our customers everything they need when they sign up to our package. R&C mirrOR uses the latest innovative technology. It enables users to instantly route an image with the highest safety standards and with an unnoticeable delay. R&C mirrOR offers the same simplicity as our glasses: switch them on and off you go. No handling needed from the operator at all. The remote expert puts the operators headset in a scanning mode, so the operator can look at the device and command it to join the live feed from the smart glasses. And by looking at a QR code, the wearer can add others into each live surgery – wherever they are in the world. But don’t just take our word for it – book a demo and see for yourself.

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