A Complete View Of The OR: Rods&Cones Launches Broadcasting Tool

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Rods&Cones, the leading service supplier for full remote access to the OR, has announced the release of ‘the webinOR’ – a broadcasting tool specifically designed with clinical environments in mind.

The webinOR gives remote experts the ability to broadcast individual medical procedures from inside an operating room. With just a few clicks, users can communicate in real time with a large audience, while controlling the communication between the surgeon and attendees.

webinOR is the perfect addition to Rods&Cones’ popular visOR product: a smartglasses solution that allows remote attendees (such as medical device experts or medical students) to see through the eyes of the operating surgeon. webinOR also complements the mirrOR product; which securely displays any chosen video source from within the OR – such as an endoscopy.

Using Rods&Cones’ complete suite of game-changing technology, medical professionals can securely broadcast all OR activity at full HD resolution to a selected large specialist audience – without needing to rely on third party applications.

Bruno Dheedene, CEO of Rods&Cones explains that “An extremely simple set-up and integration is key to our complete product offering. In this way, medical experts can concentrate on what truly matters: curing patients.”

Remote access to the OR is being used extensively in healthcare education, upscaling training programs, and live-streaming real-time surgery.

Visit rods-cones.com to find out how you can improve your business with remote access.

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